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Our Story

Our company story starts with a very personal one our daughter! We have a bright and bubbly little girl who from the age of three months just could not stop chewing on things, and that included her hands.

Both my husband and I cringed every time those dirty little toys (or hands) became her gnawing device. 

Our little girl had a constant need to hold, touch and gnaw on every object she could find. She found comfort in small, round objects that fit nicely in her little hands!

We did what most parents do and bought dozens of cheap teethers, many just toys, made overseas that didn't work and had questionable safety standards. 

We realized that we had to find a solution, but as much as we searched we could not find the “right” thing for her. It just wasn’t out there. So, we set out to create our own, and The Teething Egg was born!

Today, The Teething Egg, a USA company, has over 22 proprietary SKUS marketed and sold worldwide. Our teething and feeding products are safety-tested, made in the USA from American materials, and most importantly, loved by little ones around the globe!

Our commitment to safety and excellence ensures teething and feeding solutions guaranteed to make your baby smile.